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    Ed Schicatano

    After being unable to log on  here for some time, I've decided to create another profile.


    Anyway, here is the error message I get when I used to try to log on:

    503: Service Temporarily Unavailable
    Too many IP addresses
    accessing one secure area!
    Please contact Support if you need


      I don't know how to contact the Webmaster on here.

      Can anyone help?





    Katalin David

    Hi, Ed,


    Had the same problem in January and February, and for a while I was able to log in, and now I can't again.


    I made this second profile.


    Anyway, I wrote to Marina on Facebook.


    Until it is fixed, I use this profile.


    Best wishes,




    Katalin Dávid

    Ok, my old ones is working again. Marina made some clearing.LaughLaugh


    Ed, try yours.


    Katalin Dávid

    And of course, all the others may try to log in, who had this problem. I hope now everything works perfectly. Smile


    Ed Schicatano

    It works.   I'm able to log on with my original name.
    Thanks Kati.   Thanks Marina.




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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