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    Josef Tatschl

    Hi ,I´m all new to this tapping stuff and have some questions although i watched some videos of Robert on youtube!

    1.Is it necessary to say let it go or can i just think about?

    2.Is it necessary to think about the issue i wanna get rid off during the tapping process or is it sufficient to do so just before?

    3.What´are the most important aspects to succeed with tapping?


    Thanks in Advance,Lucky!


    PS:My English may be a bit weird due to the fact it isn´t my mother tongue;)


    Carla Groot

    Hi lucky,

    You can also do the tapping process in your mind.

    But it is really impotant you first take in your consciousness what you want to aim at.

    Feel it, notice the sensations in your body, see the picture, hear the sound or smell it, and when you have that you start to tap.

    It is not nessesary to keep thinking of it when you tap. But when you finished your tap-round go back to your issue and notice the change.

    Feel what's left and tap again. Until it is gone.

    Important is persistence, never stop until your problem is gone!






    Katalin Dávid

    Hi Lucky,



    Carla wrote very good advices for you.

    I don't know which videos you already watched, but maybe 69, 118, and 323 are good for you, if you begin now.


    My English is weird, too, because I am Hungarian.


    I wish healing to you,


    Robert G. Smith

    Good advice girls.  You aim at the problem and then notice your tapping on yourself.  You can think “let it go” is perfect.  It sets the intention. Double check to see what is left if any.  Then turn it into a positive. Robert Cool


    Josef Tatschl

    Thanks a lot  for the quick anwers!!!


    @robert:How can i switch an issue into the positive???


    by the way i wanted to let you know that i really appreciate that you offer so much knowledge for free on youtube!!

    Thanks a lot!!!


    Robert G. Smith

    There are many ways to do it but one way is to tap on how you internally represent it until you make it into what you want instead of what you do not want.  Tap on the faces and their expressions, on the actions, what they said, the tone of voice, the emotions and feelings until you make it into what you want.  Rewriting what you hold within you give a brighter future.  Robert Cool


    Katalin Dávid



    Thanks. Memories usually changing for me automatically with the tapping. But I thought, I should send them another good feeling. This makes things for me a lot easier.


    Wish you the best,

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