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    Hi everyone, I asked this question to Robert through an email and I haven’t gotten a response, yet. Maybe someone here can help me. Here’s what I asked:

    In one of your videos you say to tap when you imagine having one or think about a panic attack. Is this not diverting your attention and resisting it? Ignoring it? To try to make it stop from coming on?

    Also, what if I have a full blown attack? Someone told me I could tap while I’m having an attack and say “Bring it on. I love having panic”. Do I do that throughout the attack until its gone? If so, when do I say, “Let it go”?

    Or do I start tapping as soon as the panic attack starts and tap “Let it go” and keep recreating the attack each round until it’s gone?

    Or do I endure the attack and then tap afterwards to let it go?

    I’m confused on the exact approach to take. Please help me!

    Thank you,


    Joy W. Pan

    >>Or do I endure the attack and then tap afterwards to let it go?

    “Or do I endure the PAIN/HURT and then tap after wards to let it go?”

    Compassion Leads to the Truth by A H Almaas
    Compassion is a kind of healing agent which helps us to tolerate the hurt of seeing the truth. The function of compassion in the Work is not to reduce hurt; its function is to lead to the truth. Much of the time, the truth is painful or scary. Compassion makes it possible to tolerate that hurt and fear. It is on the side of truth, and helps us to persist in our search for truth. The truth will ultimately dissolve the hurt, but this is a by-product. In fact, it is only when compassion is present that people will allow themselves to see the truth. Where there is no compassion there is no trust.
    Diamond Heart Book I, p. 92


    Joy W. Pan

    >>I’m confused on the ‘EXACT’ approach to take.

    hope this might help

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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