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    Regina Masson

    Hi Robert and Team…

    I am note able to be there in person but wish to get certified. I have all the DVD's just not sure what note I need to submit?

    Can somebody help me sort this out?

    Thanks Regina

    TRACK B:

    Level I

    • Watch Level I Training videos and submit typed notes for review to info@fastereft.com
    • Watch Mind of a Healer videos and submit typed notes for review to info@fastereft.com
    • After submitting notes, complete Level I written exams and submit for review (fee for exam and certificate: $50, you will receive the exam after completing and submitting the notes)

    Julia Albath



    I think he wants you to watch “the mind of a healer” and “Training I” and take notes, then submit those notes (type, not handwritten) to him to review.

    then you take the exam and so on.




    Regina Masson

    Hi Jullia,


    Thanks for the info…

    So basically I am to do a summary of what I learnt … type and summit of review.


    Thanks again, Regina


    Marianne Strait


        I took notes as if I were  sitting in the seminar and submitted that, rather than summarizing it after I watched it.  




    Regina Masson

    Hi Marianne,

    Thank you…that's a great idea!!

    I am so excited 🙂

    take care, Regina


    Robert G. Smith

    What I am wanting in the notes is to first know you are watching the videos and secondly I want to know that you are getting it. So writing in your understanding.  Robert Cool


    Regina Masson

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for clarifying it for me.

    Much appreciated, Regina 🙂

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