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    Melissa Sixbey

    Hi all I am having major resistance to tapping out my food cravings. I will start tapping for example I work night shift and I get off work I am driving home get hit w this doughnut craving and start tapping but eat it anyway. Or I’ll be like this will Be the last one and I’ll start tapping out my food tomorrow. And now it’s like a habit too I just drive to the donught shop sometimes even before and after work. Any advice for how to go about this? It’s like I stop in the middle of tapping! I am doing well with other memories and flipping them. Also my food cravings they are more like addictions or obsessions they switch like for years I had to have enchiladas and cake of course da specific type and from a specifics place and now it’s peanut butter Twix bars and chocolate chip donuts.
    Thanks for the help

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