ROOOBEERT PLZ COME HERE ! completly abandonned people with “lack-of” problems need a specific protocol from you

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    Dear Robert, the protocol you created for addiction is something absolutely extraordinary for anybody that know a little about institutional therapy in addictions, which are completly ineffective at mid-long term (I worked at an alcoholic rehab center in France as the summer replacement Dr).

    But people with “lack-of” type of problem have nowhere to go -no Habilitat for them- and nobody wants to help them : they are left alone with their problem and suicide as the only working solution.

    By lack-of I mean lack-of willpower, motivation, goals in life, memories, emotions. Raw FEFT doesn’t work on these kind of problem because you can’t aim at and tap on a non-existent thing. You also quickly loose the tiny motivation you had at the beginning.

    I know this for facts because I spent number of sessions with a LIV with zero results.
    And I found other very similar testimonies here and on the youtube comments.

    I still believe FEFT is the best thing out-there and believe in your capacity to solve this one. It shouldn’t be more difficult than addictions and if it is, it will be a great challenge for you and all the imaginative practitioners. I’m pretty sure there are much much more lack-of than drug addiction suffering persons around, but they are ignored and left alone by healers of any school.

    For me these problems cannot be cleared alone and a practitioner has to work. But there is need for a specific protocol from you. My former LIV practitioner is ultra-smart and religiously followed your methodology and it didn’t worked at all. Something specific has to be done here, please put your attention on this, I’m sure you saw tons of people like this and you already have tons of ideas that are waiting to be set up as a new protocol. It may not be that effective at the beginning but with constant refinement it will start to work as well as the addiction protocol. Doing nothing may be seen as a kind of addiction anyway.

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