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    Carla Groot

    I really hope I shall influence people in a positive way- and as I say  this I realize that (lack of) selfesteem is a big problem for me too.

    When I “discovered”you on the internet with faster EFT I had a feeling: “this is something I also want to do, helping others with faster EFT.

    And suddenly there comes up a little voice in myself, who finds it ridiculous that I should want such a thing. And my happines goes from 10 to 0. Others are better, others know more, are more experienced and so on.

    I tried to tap it out.

    But ist is something that is very common for me, the sudden change of mood. And I have to go deeper to get rid of this voice I guess…

    And how to continue if there is no change, or only a little bit?

    Go on untill I pass out?


    It was good to be aware of myself doing this to me, it is something I want to change….


    Sometimes you ask the question about the tree, sometimes not.

    Is it important for me to use the image of the tree when I tap on myself too?


    I am seriously thinking of coming to the seminar in the Hague in april.






    Robert G. Smith

    The tree metaphor is just a little program for the unconscious mind to understand what it will do on your behalf.  You can do it once or as many times as you like.  I say do what works.  Your esteeming self is being changed as you are flipping or reimprinting your memories.  Keep up the good work and tap out all bothered feelings.  Peace  Robert Cool


    Nina Zamudio

    Amy Jo said:

     …you can also use the search box on the top of Robert's “HealingMagic” youtube site and type in Self worth, self confidence, self esteem.   Any of the videos that have been tagged with these key words will appear.  I highly suggest you watch them ALL!  


    Amy Jo

    Thank you Amy Jo!    (I'm new here and while I'm familiar with EFT, I followed Robert here from his audio interview at EFT Universe that I heard yesterday)  I'm still finding my way around here but will be hitting up the youtubes soon, thanks for the pointer!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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