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    Michelle S

    Hi, I was sexually abused as a child and since then I have had a fear of men. I have worked extensively on this issue ever since I was a teenager in various forms.


    I have tapped my abuse experience and yet I still feel scared or uncomfortable around men in general and my body tends to really tighten up and my guard is up.


    I'd love to hear from anyone who has worked through similar issues 😉




    Joy W. Pan

    Welcome and thanks for sharing, I am certain that more helpful video can be sellected.

    It is good to start with one and tapping along with it. Have you try start a 'make-peace journal' ?


    Michelle S

    Hi J P,

    Thanks for replying to my post. I have watched video 35 in the past and I didn't really notice a difference after tapping along. I have a happy journal but again I can look at happy photos etc and not feel much, so it doesnt really make me happy.

    I have tapped on my past traumatic experiences so I feel like I have cleared those specific memories, yet the issue of not trusting/feeling safe around men in general is still very much a part of my life. 

    I have been tapping for a few months now both by myself and I have had help from practitioners here and there so I wish that I would find the missing link.




    Carla Groot

    Perhaps there are more references in your brain active, you need to work on.

    It is a good thing you have had practitioner's help, working with somebody  adds a dimension to tapping (in my opinion).

    Just do't give up. There are layers, aspects of your life that need healing.

    But each one you worked on is a step forward.

    If happy memories don't make you happy, perhaps you can make up one. Last week I found out I became really happy by the idea of jumping trampoline. Something I used to do as a child on my bed, and it didn't make my parents happy.

    I got the idea because it is fair time in the city and there are trampolines (for the children).

    The trampoline experience resonates strongly in my body, I love to jump in my mind. Maybe you can also find something that gives you a strong body sensation that's pleasent. Just to get you away from the trance in the bad stuff when you are tapping.

    My wife is also sexually abused, and we know the tapping process since january 2011.

    And there are still a lot issues to conquer.

    Even though faster EFT is faster, take time for the journey, and just go step by step.

    Then you will find the missing link maybe in a different corner you thought…

    good luck





    Hi sg,, Im same way..Ive been doing eft for sometime.Watching videos.I feel Im not looking at what it is..an be something eles??Im going over to see what Im missing.It was a family member…I still have all feelings even though I have tapped many times..so it a feeling,perception Im not looking at..As Ive found this in another issue already. Had to step back & come into another direction.seems stupid but got it done..Guess its how we see it. Like Robert says its diferent to all. I haven’t cleared up mine,very confusing,when u keep working on how/what u feel,not moving it..?Got to keep working it & have FAITH..CryEmbarassedLaugh



    I met Robert some time ago & have watched his videos & worked ,on myself while hes tapping on people..I have had one time thing of sexual abuse & it turned me off on men..I was close to my dad,so it is confusing as to the situation of the abuse.I have tapped on it,torn it apart/no relief on that.I have a very hard time thinking of having a man for friend,in that aspect. How else can I do this,to let go of the fear,etc.???Cry

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