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    Im not sure what age I was..Mabey 8? I was fondled by family member…He wante me to feed his dog & pay me for it..That made me feel good to do something nice..But n return he had other things in mind..He said all would be ok…That ended my sex desire… I didn’t tell anyone..I didn’t know what to think ,feel, so lost……even with the other mental things mom put me thru,with blood of beating sis up,,,I kept all of it in & withdrew myself I guess.Too scared to tell anyone.. I didn’t tell anyone til after I married,had 5 children,,,had several breakdowns…Then 9 yrs therapy…Came home with same crap to live with..They said I was fine & take this med..Ya,,I was grogy all time…I went looking for better med.I finaly ran into Mercola,,who got me to Robert& faster eft… I still working on what in my head & body…I was NOT able to go to work ,16,,I was home,til 19 met huby & moved out,,then still no work as I had children,5….It was hard for me//no experience…We had very hard time..I guess you call it held back,or hinderense…I was not involved in life much….This Im working on & hate the feeling…

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