Some deep love issues (be warned: some sexual stuff in here). Why this change?

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    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, MisterG,


    Many times I also felt, that  I am going nowhere with clear out my issues…some of them needed a lot time and tapping. Bad memories just came seemed endlessly to my mind.

    Be persistent. It will help.


    Best wishes,


    Julia Albath



    Kati is correct, keep tapping. It may not seem like much is moving, but eventually it will. 


    It usually makes sense to clear out the current emotions before going after the past. When you are dealing with the current emotions, make sure you take note of “how do you know”. What is the feeling like? Does it have a color? A size? A shape? What thoughts and images are going through your mind when you feel that feeling.


    Sounds like there is a pattern of not trusting the peace. Growing up with you mother, she would just come at you out of nowhere. So now, instead of waiting for your mother to disrupt things with her anger, you just do it for her and make sure you disrupt your life on a regular basis. That may be also where your guilt is coming from.


    If you can't make headway with the current emotions, pick a past memory of your mother and you and tap in it until it's flip. As you change each past memory, your present will change.


    Also remember that working with a practitioner is sometimes the smartest thing to do. It's easier others to see our connections then ourselves. Plus us practitioner have more experience and training so we usually get to the point quicker. I trade sessions with other practitioners. It's nice to just sit back and answer to “how do you know?” then to worry about what to say and where to go next.


    I hope you are getting some ideas on what to do, if not, please let us know.






    George Lotter

    Thanks – I'll keep on tapping and see what kind of progress I make. If it really feels like I'm getting nowhere I'll have to make use of a practitioner 🙂 

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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