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    Julia Albath



    Scroll down to the section on 

    Reducing Potential Legal Risks,
    for Practitioners


    Any thoughts or discussion?




    Marianne Strait

    Hi Julia,


    Thanks for sharing this. I have to admit I read this story a few months ago (via a FB post) and it made me put the brakes on everything to do with marketing myself as a faster eft practitioner……     I haven't changed my mind, I am just exerting caution in setting up my coaching business.

    it is important to have good legal statements which clarify we are not therapists, or doctors or dieticians….. 


    I think what state you are in really makes a difference in how restricted you are I do know, from my experience with essential oils/aromatherapy, that in NY state they are very strict about touching another person at all…..   there are also enormous restrictions on what you can and can't say or claim.


    The unbearably sad part in all of this is knowing you can help someone but not reaching out for fear they will turn you in, or sue you……  


    of course much of what I say comes from my own “fear conditioning”  tap TAP TAP!!!!!!!! 


    However – If we truly believe in the law of attraction, then we know that if we set our intentions for harmonious and loving interactions with people, and great healing to be  accomplished, that is what we will create in our lives.  It is fear of law suits and other issues that would create them in our world–


    Here's to eliminating fear, and creating what we want!!!! And helping the world as we do it!








    Julia Albath



    I agree. I am working on letting go of my fears in regards to these issues and I do what I feel is right to help those I can. they can't force these rules on everybody.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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