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    Marguerite Bonnett

    I recently purchased the Ultimate Package and I've started with the “Mind of a Healer” DVDs.  Robert keeps mentioning (on the DVD) a book I should be refering to but I did not receive one for that course.  The only spiral bound books I received were:  Weightloss, Relationships and Training I-II-III.  I also got 3 regular books.  On DVD 2, Robert says to “study the Meridian Systems on page 45” in a book I don't have.  Did I miss something?  I paid full price, too!  Laugh  Just wondering.  I sent an email about this last week, but I haven't heard back from anyone.  If someone could please let me know who to contact about this, I sure would appreciate it.  Thanks! 



    Robert G. Smith

    Training I,II,III has what you are looking for but the chart is on a different page.  Nothing left out and it is all there. Robert Cool


    Carla Groot


    I also have a question.

    I am going to the seminar in the hague with my wife, and paid for the sunday.

    Now we want to go to the saturday also, but is it possible to get the discount anyway, although we already booked for the sunday?




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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