How do you deal with sorrow?

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    Joy W. Pan

    I have just watched 180. Divorce Memories & Real Forgiveness, in which Robert addressed the emotional area on Sorrow. That truly hit home with me. For the longest time I was not able to find anyone who talks about this particular area of the emotions or addressed it in ways that applies in such practical manner. By the way, #180 is one of my favorite on U tube.  I have continue tapping and am hooked! This truly has been a transformational chapter for me. Thank you Robert!  and Aloha~Cool


    Carla Groot

    Hi Joy,

    Thank you for #180, I watched it and I love it. To get a deeper understanding of the structure underneath a problem.

    Sometimes it is difficult to find the deeper patterns, and how important it is that we do find them, to become what we relly are, instead of repeating something old.




    Marianne Strait



       If you haven't gotten the training program yet, you might want to consider it, it goes deep into the patterns, the belief structure and the techniques. 

        Even if you don't have any interest in doing this as a practitioner, it is well worth the investment.



    Robert G. Smith

    Very good video too. I thought it would be good to have it here so people can see what is being talked about.  Good job Marianne and Carla. Peace Robert Cool

    Joy W. Pan

    Thank you for placing the video. I hope the weather goes well to wherever you travel to, Robert. I am tapping on that as well. Wink  For the benefit of my own, I have been reading and practicing with Louise L Hay's tools. Using that as a foundation on many of my affirmations shortly after her appearance on Donahue was a major shift in my life. It is funny that I did not find “sorrow” on any of her chapters, that however was not the focus when I was working through some of the major “pain” areas. On to the pathway of healing, looking back has been so much easier because of the emotional strength I've gain along the way. Somehow bumping into Faster EFT has just been a major fill up on the pathway. Thank you for being here for all of us! 


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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