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    Carla Groot

    Spirituality is very important in my life. I try to improve my life and feel as positive as possible.

    The strange thing is, that, by being busy with faster EFT I chant less to get myself in a positive level.

    But it doesn't feel bad, and somehow I become closer to that positive state than before.

    So I guess this is a good thing although I tap more and I chant less.

    I think I needed my spirituality to keep my hopes up, to give positive meaning to my life, and with faster EFT all these things occur in a different way.

    Now it seems more important to let things go, than add the right things to my life.

    I'm becoming more free, then I used to, but it is still a little bit confusing.

    Is there somebody who shares this experience?





    Katalin Dávid



    I am not sure, it is the same, because I was never really interested in spirituality (was raised up as an atheist). But a few years before I had several problem, so it turned out (after emotional clearings) that I used spirituality to escape from those problems in my life.

    I mean, spirituality was only words in  my brain, not something really in my heart. And in this was it means nothing.

    But maybe you will have a deeper connection to it. Less time, more emotions, peace and more meaning.

    And you may tap on emotions around chanting too. Maybe, there is something.


    I don't know what “nam -myoho-renge-kyo” means,

    but “Minden jót és szépet kívánok!”, which means in Hungarian: I wish you everything good and nice.


    Julia Albath

    I believe I heard Robert talk about this before, but I'm not sure if it was a video or in person. He mentioned other having similar experiences. He explained it in this way. As you are tapping and letting go of that pain in your past, you don't need God to help you anymore, because you are walking with him.

    I'm not sure what kind of spirituality you follow, but I think of it in these terms. What is the outcome of tapping? Feelings of peace, joy, calmness, self-control, etc. In the bible Jesus speaks of the fruits of the spirit. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” See the resemblance? 

    Tapping is spiritual, at least to me. I think you are becoming more spiritual rather then less. Your spirituality simply looks different now.


    Hope that makes sense.Laugh


    gone gone

    I have been enjoying an acceleration of my spiritual journey, thanks to letting go of the restraints I had placed on myself. 

    Tapping away all blockages…

    Is this the video in which Robert explains oneness?


    Love to you all 




    Carla, Kati and Julia

    I want to be part of more spirituality discussions, so please post more questions and experiences.



    Julia Albath

    Found it:





    Carla Groot

    Thanks for the links and the reactions.

    Yes I also have the feeling that the tapping process brings you closer to your own essence, some call it God, some call it Buddha.

    It is the energy in which we are one, connected and the same.

    But I think you can even go deeper, beyond your thougts.

    That deeper level I call Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, and it is the title of the Lotus Sutra, the last sutra Shakyamuni was teaching. And his Japanese follower Nichiren Daishonin found out that chanting this sentence makes you connect with that inner source.

    In fact you say: I dedicate my life to the Lotus Sutra, the ultimate Law of Life and Death.

    We are the beautifull Lotus flowers coming from the mud, we blossom from the depth of our experiences, and today I add “by letting go our suffering”

    Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo makes you feel good, just like tapping does.

    I need them both, and try to find out, what's the difference. But they are precious to me.

    KissKissKiss Carla


    Yisraela Daniels

    julia said:

     In the bible Jesus speaks of the fruits of the spirit. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.” 


    This was so timely for me ! Thank you so much ! It answered a question that I was asking internally.



    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Suellen!


    As I wrote, I don't think I am a very spiritual person, but why not share ideas?


    Before FasterEFT, and before tapping, I learned another emotional clearing technique, which connected me to – I think it is called- The Source. It is a really nice feeling, total accpetance, peace etc. In this feeling things, like hurt, pain, sorrow seemed absolutely non -existent.

    Most of the time, when I clear out something with tapping usually ends in this emotional state, or similar. Maybe all this methods lead to this, and this is who I really am under all the emotional patterns, I don't know.

    But good feelings seems to became stronger.


    And somewhere I red, that spirituality means, we are among people, feel good and love them. That is a way, I can accept spirituality.


    Have nice days!Smile




    Robert G. Smith

    I believe spirituality is being at peace with yourself and with the world.  FasterEFT is making it happen.  Spirituality is emotional intelligence and FasterEFT is the tool that brings that about.  Spirituality is being one with Source/God/Christ/Universe which we all already there. Spirituality is forgiveness, non judgement and loving the self because what we do to ourself we will do to others which is FasterEFT belief system and makes it happen each and every tap.  Peace Robert Cool


    Yisraela Daniels

    Great definition Robert ! Thanks ! 🙂


    Carla Groot

    When I say Law of life and death, I mean a very positive thing.

    Some things happen, and they are meant to be that way.

    We are all going to die, but how we process that event is more important than the fact we do.

    We cannot fight death, but we can make peace with it to speak in Robert's words.

    It is our choice to make the best of everything what's happening to us, and finding the llfe we live as our own best friend, an opportunity to give value and be there for others because we belong.




    Katalin Dávid

    And I like to think that death is like a Chrismtas present. Some nice suprise when life ends. (And far-far away from now.)



    gone gone

    I tap on helplessness, fear and pain- abandonment, betrayal.

    I use meditation and prayer to guide me, so I can “see” into myself.  Focus and aiming better seems to work for me.

    During meditation,  cues of what to tap on, come to mind and then I tap on them.

     I continue to enjoy a life of love and joy  because I tap away feelings and images which pop up now very easily and often. (where before i tapped, I was resistant to change)

    Amazing changes and lots of hope.  

    Do any of you see colors more vibrantly than before you tapped?

    How about music?  Does it sound different, now?  I choose better food,now, that appeals to me.

    Have you seen the food photos that Robert Smith posted on Facebook?  WoW>  

    I have pain still, but it doesn't stay, like my body is healing by the light from within.

    Kinesthetic ,textural swirly energy.

    Do any of you study the Kabballah?

    Thanks for your thoughts 



    Katalin Dávid



    Yes. Some of those happened to me, too. Colours are more colourful, space is more spacious, music and sounds are a lot nicer, than were before. Smells and tastes, too. For example, I could smell the rain, too, that I never noticed before.

    Like all the world changed to a more friendly, more safe place.

    And I can do more work with less energy…feel more comfortable among people. Sometimes I even suprise myself.

    One is sure; everything what changed, changed for the better, and nothing changed for the worse.


    Nice journey to you!Smile

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