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    I have been working on fear issues – especially around being bullied at school – but have got stuck.

    When I do a round of “release the fear….it’s safe to let it go”, I get “No, it isn’t” come back in my thoughts. And this is true. I still believe that fear helps me and protected me from bad things happening back then, even though it has now got out of hand and is not healthy.

    So how do I release this fear – as it is now stopping me from working.




    When you hear this reply, whose voice is it?



    Interesting … I am not sure. All I am aware of is that the fear has stopped this “bad thing” from happening – whatever it is – and it is hard to let go.



    Considering this, it may be better to focus on releasing the restrictions first.

    Tap on: “I’m afraid.” “I’m vulnerable.” “I’m alone.” “I’m in danger.” “I’m not safe.”

    Then do some testing: “I feel like I have to be afraid to protect myself from other people.” – how true is that?

    If that phrase doesn’t summarize the problem, substitute a phrase that resonates with you. Work on those feelings until they change, something shifts, or a specific memory comes out that you need to explore.

    Tap on: “I’m always fearful.” “I feel manipulated.” “I’m not free.” “I’m helpless.” “No one rescues me.”

    Then do some testing: “It’s not safe for me to be strong, self-assured and confident.” – how true is that? Again, be aware of shifts or emerging memories.

    See if you can clear some of the restrictions and change them before working on reinforcing the positive affirmations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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