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    Lukas K

    Hi guys,

    what do you do when you are working on some memory, trying to clear it out and suddenly there are many different memories connected to it coming out? Do you stay with the first one until it is gone (and taking notes of the other ones) or are you going with the flow wherever it takes you?

    Hope it makes sense,


    Thanks for answers,




    Eve Simpson

    Hi Lukas

    I always (try!) to stay with the original memory and tap and check until it's gone.  I know oftentimes it's easier said than done.  But if we don't, it would be very difficult to fully resolve any issues and lots of half resolved memories would still be there.

    I think it is best to clear completely before moving on.  And, yes, if you feel you need to make a note of new stuff coming up – jot it down somewhere and return to it later.


    Evie  Smile


    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Lukas,


    I usually go with the flow. But I admit, it may take hours or even days, to clear out all those stuff.

    I always thought, my brain knows exactly, what to show me.

    And people on the videos stay with the memory, I think.


    Best wishes,Smile


    Nina Zamudio

    LUKAS –   I've been practicing EFT for over a year and I've learned that for me (still consider myself a beginner and really a beginner at FasterEFT methods) having a paper and pen in front of me is important.

    I write down the issue I want to work with and begin.  I usually follow any tail-enders  (“yeah, but…” statements that come up) but if there are other memories that come up, I only follow them if they're overtaking the whole moment. If it's fleeting, I write it down and go back to the original path I was on.


    I have a notebook JUST for EFT work (kept by my bedside) and I have a tiny notepad in my purse for things that come up during the day that I want to address further.

    When I finish working with an issue (large or small), I put a checkmark by it, that way I can keep track of what I've worked with and what I haven't. I go back to the checkmarks and see if there's still something there…if not I draw a line through it. 

    The lines through issues in my notebook are plentiful but there's always something, so the process of writing and checkmarks goes on!

    And I should mention, my notebooks aren't all neat and tidy, look like roadmaps!   Interesting to look at later without the charges behind them. 


    Tap on!


    Robert G. Smith

    Remember to Flip your memories into something you want inside your mind and memory.  Make it positive.  Robert Cool


    Katalin Dávid



    Thank you, Nina, for trail-enders. I understand what they mean, at last.

    And you should see my “notebooks”. Mostly papers, I can grab at that moment, something came to mind.


    Nice days to you,Smile


    Katalin Dávid



    I think, I found a video for this topic (and admit I really eager to try my new video-linking skill, thanks to Bright Ideas from the headache topic)


    Rachel Geller

    Wow that was amazing. Two things I learnt:

    1. A new mindset. You really CAN address all the pain from ten problems at once. I always thought it was either global, or specific. Now I see you can be specific about an emotion and yet suck that emotion out of all the references at once.

    2. That some people create neural networks, and some don't. I wonder what it depends on.


    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Rachel,


    Of course, I am not sure, but creating neural networks could be related to how people think about thinking. How they react emotionally to thinking about something.

    I was always praised by parents and teachers to be a very clever girl, and so using my brain meant a lot love, accpetance, and securitiy to me.

    And I read, phantasized a lot, and even wrote stories and poems, so I trained my brain to create many associations from various areas.

    I like this habit, but before emotional clearing, it only meant to me an extreme measure of fears, and other negative emotions.

    I tapped on my affection about “brain things” and my strong wish to be the cleverest, so my thinking process is more controlled now, not like a whirlwind it was before.



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