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    Joy Davis

    I am interested in doing surrogate tapping on my loved ones, like my children. Does anyone have any stories of success tapping this way? And, any suggestions about how it can be done successfully?Smile


    Nina Zamudio

    Hi, I have two instances that might be interesting. It was more of a remote surrogate tapping than you sound like you're looking for but here they are, I'll try to keep them short.

    1) I was Instant Messaging with a friend (I'm in CA, she's in TX) and she was saying that she was busy calling pharmacies up ahead of her husband, he was on a road trip and was having a migraine come on and had no medications.  She was frantically trying to find a pharmacy to fill the Rx so he could pick it up but was finding that the medication was not in-stock at many, and it was $200+ when she DID find it.   We continued IM'ing about other things and then she said, “dangit, he's way past where I think they have it & he's hurting pretty bad”   I suggested “this tapping thing” to her, having to do with the body's energy system and said, can you tell him to just do what I say?  She said she would text him. I had him find the sore spot on his chest and rub (EFT sore spot) and then just tap on the three points around his eye (eyebrow, side, under) about 8 times each, repeatedly in a circle until he felt the need to exhale.   While she did this, I did the same.   He had relief in about 10-15 minutes from the first tapping.


    2)I was sitting in a SSA waiting room, lots of people, very quiet and sterile and uncomfortable benches to wait on.  A man came in who was having difficulty walking and sat down. He was grimacing in pain, couldn't get comfortable and he would occasionally let out a moan of complete pain when he moved. I heard him talking to the guy next to him, saying he was in both emotional pain and physical pain and he couldn't stand it anymore. I looked over at him (he was sitting to my right, about 10 feet away) and his eyes were clenched shut and he was holding his back.   I started tapping, as discreetly as I could, saying only what I heard him say “emotional pain, physical pain, couldn't stand it anymore” then I did more tapping with my words “emotional distress, physical distress, releasing releasing releasing and letting it all go” And I heard him exhale VERY loudly and I looked over at him. His eyes were on me, he was smiling and he was TAPPING!    He said, “I forgot about tapping until I saw you doing it”  and I said “I was tapping for you”  and he smiled and said, “It's working! Thank you Thank you!”     I tapped for another minute or so, he continued.     I'm sure the people in that room thought we were nuts but WE felt good.  


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