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    Abdul Rahman

    Hi All,

    I have been tapping for some time now, daily (3 months or so).

    A problem that is showing up now is that tapping hasn’t brought up memories all of a sudden.
    I do feel the sensations moving across as i yawn (and sometimes shake uncontrollably) and the suds level going down as well.
    I am also using the ‘tree roots out’ method.

    Is this normal, and part of faster eft? I have searched this forum and the videos online for a reference to this type of scenario and have not found any examples.

    Many Thanks in advance to whoever is reading and/or answering this question. Smile



    I’m fairly new at FEFT, but from watching many of the videos on YouTube, it doesn’t always have to be represented by a memory. It can be a sound, a scent, a feeling, even a color. You ask yourself how do you know you have this problem? Where do you feel it? Then you can tap on that feeling, and if you don’t have words, you can keep saying, Let it go. Let it go. It’s safe for me to let it go.

    And if you do have a feeling, it can shift after tapping, so if you are feeling sadness, and you feel it in your chest area, and after tapping, you recheck yourself (I think he calls its “test”), and you may find that your feelings of sadness are gone, but now it has shifted to another word, like rejected; so then you can tap on releasing and letting go of rejection.

    After each round of tapping. Take a moment to allow yourself to re-assess what you are now feeling, because the mind will guide you, and the body will follow accordingly, like sadness gives you a feeling in your chest, but now you are feeling rejection in your back (just as an example). Take the time to listen to your own body, and tune in to what you are thinking and saying to yourself, because there is communication taking place.

    Hopefully, someone with actual training will reply on here, and then we both can learn.

    Take care!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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