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    Julia Albath

    Have been working with a client for a while now and he's been a bit of a challenge. First, he has very few memories, and practically none before the age of 7. Eventually we always find the memories, but just the tapping does not create and real change. After we tap, it takes longer for the feelings to come back but they always do. I have been able to create changes for him by having him change the memories and simply “force” them to be different. After replaying the new, positive memory, eventually it sticks. We have done this with several memories and he can't remember the original one.

    He does get changes, so that's good, I just don't know why he doesn't seem to respond to the tapping. He's over skype, but that doesn't seem to matter with my other clients. 

    does anybody have experiences with similar clients? Have you found something else that works?


    I don't mind doing it the other way, but I feel like I'm not actually “working”. it's also much slower, so I'd like to figure out how to speed things up for him.


    thanks for you input

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