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    m d

    How would I tap on something
    like the flu?Embarassed  

    I've had the flu for a while now,
    it's getting better but I’m weak and wondering if tapping can help along
    with taking care of myself. 


    Marianne Strait

    I can only speak for myself – personally…..
    There are times when I get sick that – while I want it to end – on some level I rather enjoy getting some extra attention and loving….. and when I feel that way I tend to keep my symptoms a bit longer than I normally would…..
    One angle could be to ask yourself “Am I benefiting in any way from this flu” and if you feel you are, then tap on that -and all the emotions behind it.
    You can also tap on the individual symptoms and release them and all the emotions attached to them…..that is what I do when I have a headache and no idea why I have it.
    At least that is how I would approach my own case of the flu!
    Hope you feel better soon,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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