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    I watched Robert’s video on youtube about aiming and defractionation. He says to get into the “trance” of the feeling and pull yourself out of it and tap. Then, go back into it and pull out again and tap. But, what about during a panic attack? How do you pull yourself out of the trance of the feelings of the attack to tap? If you try to divert your attention away from it, does it not tell your brain that you are trying to get away from it (resist) and that its a bad thing? A FEFT practitioner told me that you should tap during the attack and say “bring it on” and invite it to happen.

    I’m confused. Could someone help me please? I’ve emailed Robert, but have not gotten a response. I have had panic attacks for 7 years now and over the past year they have gotten worse to where I will have them several times a day. I’ve only started doing faster EFT over the past month with no success so far.

    Thank you,

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