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    I’ve been doing FEFT now for 21 Months. Because I benefit from it I like to tell others so they can learn it too. One problem is no matter how many people you tell about FEFT they confuse it with EFT. Then I have to explain to them that there are 2 different techniques and not to get them confused.

    1)Faster E.F.T (Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations).(FEFT)
    2)E.F.T .(Emotional Freedom Technique).
    And I tell them they arent the same.For a start one is faster.And I’m recommending Faster E.F.T to them.
    I just try to get them to understand the difference. I even give them the links to this site too.

    I’m assuming everyone else has experienced a similar response.



    I only tell them the name FasterEFT if they specifically ask.

    Normally, I begin telling them what I do/what I’m interested in (helping others make changes in their lives by eliminating problems related to stress, pain, relationships, fears, phobias etc.), then, if that piques their interest, only then will I go on discussing how it can help them.

    When the name does come up and they confuse it with EFT, I just say, it’s only EFT in its name, otherwise, it’s really NLP + meridian tapping. (Although this is a very simplified explanation, I think it’s enough to say only this for people completely new to the modality.)

    By the way, I heard that Robert Smith is planning to rebrand it in a few months, so that will hopefully help us in avoiding any confusion over the name in the future.



    Thank you Zsolt for your reply.

    I like your ideas.That makes it easier.I’ll try that.I just want to help others.

    Its interesting the Robert Smith is planning to rebrand Faster EFT.I think that should solve many problems.

    Thanks again for your help.


    Garry Meyer

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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