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    There is a need for a new book on everything to do with Faster EFT (FEFT). As I’ve been using FEFT myself over the last year I’ve discovered a few things that I want to know more about.
    Here are my suggestions for what I think should be included in a new book on FEFT:

    1)The book should be written in simple English for the pure purpose that everyone can read it and understand it.Thats everyone from all walks of life,all levels of intelligence,etc.
    Dont write a book and sound like you swallowed a dictionary.Keep it simple.

    2)The book should show how to do FEFT step by step,thats one step at a time. The book should give examples of common emotional issues that we can all relate to and various examples of statements to use. It might be worthwhile adding photographs and/or diagrams too.

    3)The book should give examples of how to use FEFT for traumatic experiences/shock issues.

    4)The book should also give examples of how to use FEFT for health issues like chronic fatigue syndrome,fibromyalgia,etc.

    5)The book should explain the symptoms of FEFT when the body starts kicking in the changes as a result of using FEFT. I know that there’s some physical discomfort when the body starts processing the changes. Symptoms can vary from person to person and the amount of issues people do per day. When I first tried FEFT I was doing around 20 issues per day.I have done 30 per day.
    I’m doing on average of 15 a day.

    6)The book should explain the health benefits to the body and mind while using FEFT. I have noticed my body digests food better,absorbs nutients better and my body functions better because of FEFT.My hair feels silkier quite regularly.I feel better more often.Its a slow process but it works.

    7)The book needs to explain the downside of FEFT.Thats the emotional flare ups and the explanation of why it happens. I know for a fact that after a year of using FEFT that the flare ups get milder and shorter.

    8)Combining other techniques with FEFT. I personally combined a Kinesiology technique used for muscle testing food to show if a person has any allergies/intolerances.You can then use the FEFT sequence to tap out food intolerances ,thats one at a time. I repeat each one once a week.
    It takes a long time so dont be in any rush.Keep doing each one each week.I explained this procedure elsewhere in this forum. Also,statements for tapping are simple:
    “I have a food intolerance (or allergy) to……..,let it go”.

    9)Where to for the future of FEFT. What can we do to improve FEFT? What research and development is going on to take FEFT into the future to make it easier and even quicker?

    10)Maybe a resourses section so that people reading the book can find an association catering for FEFT.Are there any?

    11)Make the available everywhere.All good bookshops,online stores.People need to find it and buy it.

    Those are my ideas.I’m sure you all can think of something to add to my suggestions.

    To everyone who uses FEFT,enjoy it.Its simple and it works.You can use it in the privacy of your own home,


    Nicole Josan

    “I have a food intolerance (or allergy) to……..,let it go”.

    I wouldn’t use the affirmative ‘have’. This reaction to …, let it go. My physical reaction to…, my .. to ..
    let it all go, it’s safe to let it go.
    Allergies etc are the same as panic attacks, a way of the mind to keep you safe. You are trying to teach the body a new reaction to whatever, first convince the mind that it is safe to do so. Otherwise you might get stuck in the circle of acquire and let go, again and again.



    Nicole, what statements should I use instead of “I have a food intolerance to……….,let it go”?

    I figured by saying that “I have a food intolerance to whatever and let it go”,then I’m covered it all the same as I do when tapping out any emotional issue when you finish a statement by saying “let it go”. I keep my statements short and simple whilst still being specific.

    Every issue needs a statement.



    When I do emotional issues I use:
    “I feel (emotion) ………,let it go”, this works for me. I also tried ending the statement where I use “get rid of it”.Seems to work too.I still get the symptom of a headache after a sequence.
    Today I tried a statement for food intolerances:
    “I feel food intolerant to………..,let it go”. I omitted the “I have”.
    Thats got to be a good thing.

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