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    Terry Verzar

    Hi, I’m still finding a bit of difficulty finding my way through all of this. The posts on the Forums seem quite old and as there’s no “Help” section and I’ve never posted like this before .. here goes.

    I purchased Level 1 training and my pack arrived in Australia with the wrong name and number. I emailed and this was eventually corrected but with no acknowledgement this would happen. I think I may be missing a dvd as well. I find it difficult to follow the sequence of each ‘set’ however, the work is fabulous and it’s making a hguge difference on whoever I use it with… including myself! I just keep on tapping.

    The work on Primary Imprints seems significant and I tried to get into the questions and videos but I get the message “Please purchase the class first”. Well, I have. I think I have doesn’t the training cover all these basic aspects? If Primary Imprints are the first thing we go to shouldn’t it be in Level 1 ?

    I think the thing I miss most is a place to ask questions.

    Thanks for any response.

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