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    Hey all,


    I sent a text to a girl I like to ask her out, and normally I get an anxious feeling in my upper chest which I normally wait it out or go and occupy my mind. This time I tapped through it, but now I seem to have tightness in my shoulders. I am fatigued from a training session last night but this seems more profound. Is it as simple as thinking about the tightness then tapping to let it go?


    And why would I have tightness in my shoulders? It's actually the area that is normally covered by a sleeve at the top of the arm. I'm not tightening the muscles or anything…




    Carla Groot

    It's about feeling the tightness, the sensations of it, the exact location, and tap it out.

    You don't need to know why you have it to release it. Just feel it and tap it.

    Instead of asking yourself why you have it, ask yourself: How do I know I have this?

    And notice everything you think, see, feel, hear, when you have asked yourself that question.

    Tap on that. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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