“TOTE” or “TOTEM” ? I’ve seen references to these in posts but can’t find what they are

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    Nina Zamudio

    Is this an acronym or the word for a method in Faster EFT?


    help please. Embarassed


    Katalin Dávid

    Hi Nina,


    TOTE is an acronym, means: Test-Operate-Test-Exit. Test, if the feeling is there, Operate: tap, Test, if it still there, and Exit, if it zero. It is explained in one of the video, but I can't find it now.

    TOTEM is something new to me, to.Confused


    Happy tapping,


    Nina Zamudio


    I went looking to see where I saw it.  I found it.  On another thread on this same forum, (the one about protocols/by Skills) Rachel from Israel referred to the TOTE.  Then Robert Smith replied about TOTEMS (this is only part of his reply):


    Good job guys on the information.  Having the DVDs and taking this process to the next level in healing is powerful.  There have been some major improvements in the FasterEFT protocols as well.  I have fine tuned a few processes and added some more dynamite for bigger changes.  The TOTE is now TOTEMS, Pick, poke and provoke, how to use the tree metaphor properly without people getting hurt tying to pull out the roots etc., and many more processes.  Although I do not have a newer training series with these newer stuff but they are being taught in the physical training.  Someday we will have a new set.  We just redid the manual which was needed for sure.  Thank you for helping change the world and sharing here as well.  I am so honored that you are using this process.

    of FasterEFT Techniques and Processes

    Here is a list of FasterEFT Techniques and Processes for
    your “toolbelt” to use as a FasterEFT Practitioner.

    FasterEFT Processes & Models

    • Modes of Operation (MO)
    • Insight into Thinking Process
    • Aspects – the trees to the forest
    • SUDs
    • The Flip It Process
    • TOTEMS

    So you see, I'm a bit…confused.    I looked on youtube on the healing magic videos and typed both terms in and nothing came up.



    Lukas K

    Hi guys,

    I think I saw this on one of those seminar videos on Ustream but I cant remember which one was that. TOTEMS means T – test, O – operate, T – test, E – exit, M – make it come back, S – switch, flip the memory.

    I hope I am right, I will try to find the video and post a link.




    Katalin Dávid

    Hi Lukas and Nina,


    Many thanks. Ustream??? I think I am missing something.

    And I saw TOTE on video 163, Nina. There is also an excellent summary of the believe system.

    Nice days to you, SmileSmile


    Nina Zamudio

    KATI – thank you! I'll start there


    LUKAS – I'll look for your reply!!  I notice he said it was “new” so I'll appreciate the info!




    Lukas K

    Here is the link:


    Robert is explaining TOTEMS at around 42:30


    Hope it helps,




    Katalin Dávid



    Many thanks, Lukas.

    Ustream. Another videos. Maybe, I won't sleep for a few days to have time to watch them.Laugh

    Can somebody please explain me, what SUDs mean? I don't really understand it from the videos.

    I would like to translate it to Hungarian, and I would rather keep the letters the same.




    Goldie Mumper

    Hi Kati!  SUDS stands for 'subjective units of distress' or 'discomfort'.  It's basically just what we use to measure how bad or good we feel about something at any given time.  It's what Robert is using when he asks, 'on a scale of 1-10 how strong is that feeling of….' sadness, pain, or whatever you're focusing on.  Very helpful in realizing when the tapping has helped and you've made progress.


    Robert G. Smith

    You guys are smart and correct on the Totems.  Good job as well as what is SUDs.  Robert Cool


    Nina Zamudio

    LUKAS – Thank you for the link, I appreciate it  (although, like KATI, Ustream is new to me so it's more hours of watching videos, which I just started doing on youtube)   I wish I didn't like to sleep so I could watch more each day! Smile    


    I find it very cool that Robert is here!  checking up on us, steering us in the right directions.  super cool.  


    ok, off to the link….


    Katalin Dávid



    Goldie, many thanks for SUDs.


    Nina, of course, I was just joking on the no-sleeping part.Smile But I realized, that I don't need to sleep so much, I used to, before emotional clearing. 6 hours mostly enough, and I have a lot  more energy, than before. I hope, it is ok, and not unhealthy.


    And I am, too, interested in the Mind of Healer dvd's, but now all of my spare time is to translate Robert's videos. But, other Hungarians begin to sense his magic, too. At least, when I put the links with the newly uploaded subtitles on a forum, I always got back “Thank you” posts, and cute smileys.

    Nice days to you,


    Rachel Geller


    And I'm enjoying learning Hungarian from the subtitles!




    Katalin Dávid

    Great, Rachel!


    I never ever thought of that use.Laugh


    Enjoy your learning,

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