trying to succed as a faster eft practioner. any advice?

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    Brian David Pooley

    soo ive been one for a couple of months and ive been trying to advertise with what meager reasourses i have. so far ive tried word of mouth to those that seem interested. It has not worked as yet the people i meet seem interested at first then decide for whatever reason that thier slow method of years or decades is better… (councelling , 12 steps etc.)  how can i get the word out to help people? ive even offered to teach for free and yet they will often not listen. I almost feel like thier treating me like some fellow practicing witchcraft LOL! guess i should tap on that.

    i think the onley other ways i could advertize are flyers lol or door to door. of course i know how well door to door works thats probbobly the worst way to advertize.


    wish i had the money for an add in the paper.


    in any case ideas are welcome. and if not thats ok too. 



    My background was with Fibromyalgia/Severe Chronic Pain.  The day I woke up with a headache and tried fasterEFT, was the same day I applied it to my Pains, and now I am Pain FREE!  I then used fasterEFT to avoid withdrawels when I quit my Pain meds cold turkey.  I learned 1st hand how POWERFUL of a tool this IS!  As I became curious if I could teach others to Eliminate their Pain, I started approaching people who were obviously in Pain and offered to help, regaurdless of where I was.  To my AMAZEMENT, it ALWAYS works!  After a while, it became habit, probably more than just a habit becuase it makes MY Heart Swell to be able to Help people!  But if I ever decided to open a business and charge money, I would probably continue to help people for free when I'm running errands, and give them a business card.  You would fill up your office with referals QUICK!


    Just an idea!  Good Luck!

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