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    Catherine McMahon



    This is my first time here, so please bare with me while i figure out how to work this page:)

    I wouldlike to know if the Ultimate Training Package includes all the Weight Loss DVD's that are able to be purchased seperately.  I noticed that there is the easilythin.com website that offers products.  Are these products in the UTP? Or do i need to purchase them seperately.  I have just purchased the UTP and I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival.  I would like to be completely equipped for my weight loss journey and learn EVERYTHING and miss out nothing:)

    much love




    Robert G. Smith

    It has every DVD I produce and then some. There are some DVDs that are not sold separately so yes they are in there. Robert Cool 


    Catherine McMahon

    thanks robertLaugh


    one last question – I am expecting the arrival of yoru UTP any day and i have previous eft training.  how does it work for me to be recognised in faster eft?  after watching the dvd's is it mandatory to attend a live workshop to be certified? or is the dvd training sufficient?

    Thanks Laugh



    Elana Michelson

    Another question about the dvds

    Is there a way I can watch them on a netbook? I ordered them and got them and watch them on my big laptop but would love to be able to watch them on my netbook on the go. Is there a way?

    Thanks Elana

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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