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    I wanted to ask weird question Robert smith as I am seeing someone with this problem

    Will faster eft work for a person who’s brain is underdeveloped/ some parts of brain not developed at the time of birth, will he still be able to get benefit from faster eft or will it be dangerous for him as his brain might not know how to release through meridian tapping.

    And also will his brain actually heal as I was afraid doctors say dead brain cells can not be regrown or regenerate what ever u do? Or he will have to live by the disabilities ?


    My Experiences have SHOWN that EVERYONE can Heal/be Healed!

    The Brain is a VERY POWERFUL Organ that has Re-Trained parts of itself to compensate for other areas.

    I BELIEVE that if you Communicate on THEIR Level of THINKING/THOUGHT, THEY will Prosper! AfterALL, the problems THEY CREATE were Created from THEIR LEVEL of Thought?

    I HOPE you keep us Up-Dated with Testimony of your Progress!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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