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    Marianne Strait


       I just wanted to share something that had an incredible impact on my day……..    

        This morning I had a long drive to work (almost 3 hours each way) and did a lot of tapping along the way……

        When I stopped at a rest area I noticed many of the people had unhappy looks on their faces.  (Perhaps it was because we were all heading east on the highway- towards the latest snowstorm?) 

        Anyway as I was walking out of the rest area and a man was walking in, I realized – in looking at the upset expression on his face, just how frequently I can be influenced by other peoples moods -even people i don't know or speak with at all – so I decided to mentally tap on everyone today!

       I had one of the best days in a very very long time.  Now I've been tapping a lot lately and have been happier than normal, but this took it to an even higher level.

        Whether or not my tapping (mentally) on their expressions impacted and improved their day, I can't say, but I know it greatly improved mine!

        Happy Tapping,



    Katalin Dávid



    That's great!


    I usually do this tapping on everything every day. Mostly on my phantasies. I am kind of introvert type, and think and imagining a lot.

    And tapping really helps. Many times I didn't even think of it, that I have a problem, only I realize, when it cleared out. Or I feel the resistance, which means, there is something.


    Maybe I am a bit too ambitious, but I would like to tap out every negative pattern, I have. But why not? I have a lifetime to do this.


    And also I find interesting to find out what is really going on inside my head. Later, I would like to write books, so it is also a good exercise for it.


    Wish you well,


    gone gone

    hey Marriane and Kati, 

    Enjoyed your posts.  I wanted to describe my most recent issue and how I stumbled onto letting it go.

    I was watching a tv show and a very serious serial killer was going to trial.  The actress played her well, her facial epressions and tone of voice were so creepy and arrogant- reminded me of a family member who abused me.  

    I have tapped and tapped on myself regarding the feelings and memories of her hurting me, and it was getting better, 

    But when I saw this show, and the woman looked so much like my abuser,

    that when she was 'removed' to put it nicely, I felt like those feelings that i was holding onto were released.

    Swoosh- just like that.

    Then I tapped “its ok to let it go, its safe to let it go”

    I feel good.  I fell happy. This is a huge shift for me. Like something softened up in my center.

    I like the picture switching, so maybe that is why this tv show helped me.

    What do you think?




    Marianne Strait

    HI Suellen,

       Thanks for sharing your experience.  It sure sounds like you were able to release some difficult memories using this TV show as a catalyst for change.  I love it when things like that happen!    (I also would guess that if you were watching this show at a time  prior to learning how to tap you would be feeling really awful for hours or days after watching this serial killer….instead you released and let go!  That is soooo exciting to hear!)

        That is what I love about Robert, he offers so many approaches, strategies and techniques (for free!) on you tube.  He really is focusing on healing the world by empowering us all to clean up our junk.  This story just highlights another way he helps us to help ourselves. Awesome job.




    gone gone

    Thanks for your feedback, Mariane.  Your obeservation of what I might have felt if I had not been tapping was so right on.

    I have been carrying a lot – so much that It was almost impossible to discern  feelings.  So I can understand what some of the posts mean when they write about this confusion and numbness.

    and it is -for me, about learning new boundaries.  Like your first post explained, empathy or even just proximity can influence and trigger resonanace for me. Like striking a bell.  DOING!  I have also been noticing my feelings in public places, and since I am very different looking than my neighbors- some stare at me like they have never seen anyone like me before- and maybe they haven't, but for it is very stressful.

    I am used to being aware of my surroundings, mostly out of fear, because I think that is what people may be feeling when they give me the stink eye- The stink eye is much different than just staring, it has negative feeling behind the eyes and the facial expressions/ Sometimes they curse at me.  I am really kinda cute and sweet, so I forgive them because they do not know me, they are just afraid of what they don't know. I will try to relax and be aware of my surroundings out of Love for myself.

    But… getting back to your tapping on everyone today… that is what I will do at the grocery store and the bank… 

    Great example for me. Thanks.

    I expect to heal much faster now ,and have the energy to focus on more loving moments.

    Soft, Creamy Center,



    Marianne Strait

    Hi Suellen,

       Hugs – you are doing great!!!!!

       Forgive me, but your post reminded me the lyrics of a song that I have (lately) been playing daily – it's from Carole Kng, and it's called Beautiful.  I hope that you don' t mind my posting it here…..

        “You've got to wake up every morning, with a smile on your face and show the world – all the love in your heart.  Then people 'gonna treat you better and you'll find out, yes you will, that you're as beautiful as you feel”

        This song reminds me that it is so important to be aware of how you feel about yourself.  While we feel empathetic about the people around us and their moods,  others are aware, consciously or not, of how we feel and the thoughts and energy that eminates from us.

         And it's true what they say – we do teach others how we want to be treated – and it sounds like you are making some very positive changes in that area!  I have no doubt that you are sweet and cute and so much more!

         Here is to sending out (and receiving) those positive vibes!



    Katalin Dávid



    Joining in the flowing of positive vibes.

    Great news from you.

    And it is really interesting, how this junk (protection) can affect us. Without noticing it. Even Robert's videos changed for me. I rewatched some, and those were not at all, as I remembered them.

    And people change, too. As long as I was afraid of them, they were the “enemy”. Now they are more human. Not bad, just hurted.

    Of couse, I never believed people can be bad, and even in my childhood, I always felt sorry for the evil character, because they lose everything at the end…but, it also turned out, that I felt guilty of feeling sorry for them, and I expected bad thing happen to me, because I feel sympathy for the “bad”.

    Child's logic.


    About tv. One of my problem ended in a tv film I saw about a labourcamp during Second World War. I was a little child, understand nothing, and I was shocked. Shortly after somebody said to me, that I am a bad girl, and…my mind made the connection. Maybe, it was never conscious. But every time, I speak openly, or write, like I write in this Forum, this fear was there, too.

    That is why I like to tap on everything. Because if I tap, deeper things come to mind, too.


    Happy tapping,



    gone gone

    Kati, I think your posts are so honest and they ring true.  That is, in my opinion, great writing.

    I like to paint and write.  I like to exercise and cook what I like to eat…. now that has really changed.

    Lots more color and healthy choices.  I made a soup today that was so good.

    I used fresh ingredients and spices in a combination that I would have never tried before.

    I like to sing, too.

    Feeling free to express yourself is is a great feeling.

    I was also told that I was a bad girl. It was not true.

    I think It got me confused because I had nothing to compare it to at that time.Like you said. It just felt scary and that I should stop what ever it was.

    I agree that it is very interesting to see how far this protective junk  goes back into lives.

    ANd  the prison camp we make for ourselves is constructed by us.

    Ibsen play quote from the “Enemy of the People”

    “We have seen (or met) the enemy and it is us.”

    Here's to you and me and everyone who breaks out of their custom Bastilles.

     Well, Groundhog Day is Feb. 2.  In the northenr part of  U.S.,the winter is  so tiresome, that a mythis about a ground hog or wood chuck, Land beaver , to helprelieve the mental anziety of all of the snow….. so the ground hog comes out of his hole and if he sees his shadow, then there will be six more weeks of winter. 

    Now the truth is that there will be six weeksmore of winter if he doesn't see his shadow , too. But they don't say anything about that.

    It is a way to understand that the misery of winter will end soon. 

    Imbolc is the pagan holiday that it comes from.  But you probably know more about that than I do.

    I am going to stay out of the hole and feel the sun.

    tap tap tap




    Katalin Dávid



    Thanks. I try to be as honest as I can. Honesty really can help to me, and to other people, too, I hope. I stopped writing for a long time, because I realized, I can only write about sad and depressed thing. And there already too much of them, I am sure.

    But with tapping I became a lot more positive, so….why not?


    In Hungary, winter rules too. Cold, chilly air, and frozen fairyland outside. Tapped on winter issues, and I realized, I like the clear colours of it. And the fresshness.


    Happy Frost, Smile


    Nina Zamudio


    I appreciate your posts so much.  Your honesty and growth is such a great model and instructional path for others.  I just wanted to say thank you and look forward to reading your posts.


    Cheri Baumann

    To dear Kati

    I agree with Nina totally.


    Katalin Dávid

    Thank you, Nina and CB. But I have a very good teacher on Youtube.


    Wish you a lot of success, Smile


    gone gone

    It is very cold today in Austin, Tx. 22*

    I am tapping and very grateful that I found Faster eft.

    I had wrapped my heart with so much armor, that I could not feel.

    I was protecting myself.

    But just like the sun, the truth heals and the spring reveals

    new sprouts, bursts of life.

    Time is an element of creativity – and we create our lives like works of art.

    Thanks Kati

    Love, SuellenCool

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