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    Thank you so much for making your excellent videos available to the public.

    Can you please do one on Vulvodynia? It is a very debilitating disease with both physical and emotional components that is not talked about frequently because it’s very embarrasing. There is no known definitive cause and no known effective treatment.

    Namaste, Katherine


    Carla Groot

    Hi Katherine,

    The video's are made on the seminars, and if you volonteer with a specific problem and Robert helps you with it, he can upload the video's on the internet. Everything on a tapfest and seminar will be recorded, to help other people.

    What I am trying to say is: go to a tap fest in your country if you can and perhaps you can be the person to introduce this disease…

    What kind of disease is it? Can you tell something more about it?

    I have never heard of it. If you share something more about it (the video isn't there yet) maybe we can help you with something.

    What problems do you have because of this illness?

    Perhaps you can also read the topic about “serious diseases” and will this be hepfull for you.




    Carla Groot

    Okay, now I feel stupid, see “genital pain” as I posted my story.

    I have had vaginismus in the past, and there was also genital pain.

    For me there was a lot of fear, a lot of shame. I am a lesbian woman, but I dated men, I was afraid to date women, I felt ashamed about my vagina.


    I  think you should tap on how you feel in your body, how it feels to be a woman, how you feel about your vagina and your sexuality.

    Have you had bad experiences with sexuality, have you been abused?

    Is it painfull for you to have a vagina, did you want to be a boy?

    Just ideas, hope it helps you to find your key…




    I had this disorder for many years. It is horrifying. It is different for different women, but many experience slicing pain, burning, itching or weird nerve crackles all the time ,not just around sex.

    I am all about the emotional aspects and influences on health and the body, that is why I am here and have been doing this work…but this one I gotta say this about it…

    Many women get this after a physical trauma. It is not always caused by childhood abuse, trauma, bad feelings , shame etc although I am sure it can be. I had a great sex life. Then I got a very bad urinary tract infection that caused nerve damage…the bladder and the vestible of the vagina are the same tissue. There is nothing more disconcerting than nerve damage pain, because it continues either endlessly or intermittently and seems to be unrelated to anything that is happening at the present moment and it can shoot thru your baody in ways that are just bizarre. I can not begin to list the treatments or the money and debt I accrued trying to subdue this pain. Almost every woman I have spoken to who has this had a trauma, like an infection, a surgery, an accident or a birth immediately preceding it and caused the nerve damage. It is likened to Phantom Limb pain or RSD, both of which the pain is very real in the body and the brain. It causes a certain type of never fiber called “c” fibers to proliferate. “c” fibers transmit pain. When tissue samples are taken of women who don’t have and women who do have this disorder and compared, women who have it have up to 20x more “c” fibers. I think it is an increase in sensitivity and vigilance of the body trying to protect itself perhaps?

    FasterEft and other methods have helped me heal a number of issues, physical and emotional, from allergies to planters’ warts, but I have to say the only “cure” for me on this one was time. Lots of time, several years to heal the nerve damage. I still have a little residual discomfort and bladder problems from time to time, but I consider it largely gone. I REALLY feel for anyone who has this. It ruins your sex life and can completely shatter self -esteem and relationships.

    If I were to work with someone who had this I would go for being at peace and being calm with the wacky symptoms, accepting the discomfort fully and allowing time to heal their nerves. Faster eft may be able to help address what was behind tripping and falling and then breaking a bone, but it isn’t going to heal the bone immediately, perhaps just a bit faster. I think this is the same. The pain is bad enough in and of itself I don’t think this is one where someone should feel the need to search out the emotional “cause” behind it, unless they want to. I would work on removing the fear around it exactly in the present moment and then it can heal faster.

    As Robert would say, “How do you know you have the problem? Why is the wrong question to ask.

    I am not saying I am right, just two cents from someone who had this.




    Hi 2nd Try,
    You said, ” Then I got a very bad urinary tract infection that caused nerve damage…”

    In order for you to get the bad urinary tract infection, there most likely had to have been negative emotions behind that. It was just something I noticed in your comments.



    Hi Katherine,

    I’m so pleased you posted. Although I don’t have Vulvodynia, I can relate to problems in this area of the body. This is my 10th year of dealing with Lichen Sclerosis. For me (not all who have LS), the main symptom is itching, but there are times I get jolts of sharp pain.

    One thing I have learned is that even though this is a relatively small area of the body, it affects daily living. Simple things like getting in and out of bed, or the car, or bending down to pick up something on the floor. I never realized how much that area of the body is involved in activities that is taken for granted. I certainly never thought about that area of my body prior to LS.

    Are you going to get a Faster EFT practitioner to help you?

    I wish you the best!

    Please post again.


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