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    I’m curious to know what the future holds for FEFT. Where is FEFT headed? What will FEFT be able to do in the future that it cant do currently? What research is going on to take the technique to the next level? We all would like to see FEFT be developed so it can do more. Its got the potential to be researched and developed.Discovering things by chance.There’s a need to try combining other techniques somehow.

    I started using FEFT almost 1 year ago.I heard about it when I read about book on EFT then figured there’s got to be a quicker way to do it.So I got online and found Faster EFT.I use it myself everyday.Its very good.It makes our bodies healthier,it makes our bodies function better and it reduces the stress levels caused by emotional issues.It brings on healing as we remove those issues.The improvements in my overall well being makes my life better.The reduction in severity of chronic fatigue sydrome (CFS) is a welcomed benefit.The improvements in my overall health has been a blessing too.Looking after my emotional health is a great thing too.

    There’s so much to look forward to.Those who are just starting out with Faster EFT you have a lot to look forward to.Dont give up.Use it every day.Learn as you go.Share it with everyone and help them reap the benefits of FEFT.

    I hope FEFT is researched and developed further so it can do more in the future.

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