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    Rachel Geller

    I just want to say a big thank you to Robert.


    I was tapping along with one of his seminars, for a time I'd taken my son to preschool and I'd left him screaming and clawing that he didn't want me to leave him. I tapped and tapped, and most of it reduced, but like the lady in the recording, I also couldn't shift the image! But gradually, with the continued tapping, I suddenly realized that it was *I* who didn't really want my son to leave me, and develop on his own…. and with that realization, the picture evaporated, and I realized that I could also “let him go” and “let him grow”. And that's just one of my tens of mind changes I've had since listening to Robert's worldview and tapping along.




    Robert G. Smith

    Thank you Rachel…. it is true in what I say it really is all you.  Make peace with your issues then the world will follow your changes.  Good job and  very smart for sticking with it because you are the smart one.  Peace  RobertCool


    Katalin Dávid



    That everything inside me is really me thing is amazing.Smile


    For some time, I had strange phantasies, that my collegues and friends stop loving me, because I changed to many things for the better in my life. I thought, they may become envy or jelaous. Of course, it didn't happened in reality.

    So I began clearing out memories, in what people reacted to me in this way, but it seemed has no effect at all on them. They just came the next day back. And I had the nagging feeling, that I not adressing the real problem….

    And it turned out, that I reacted this way to others. Those memories were full of pain. I didn't even think of  to search for this; I usually happy, when others are happy, and feel myself whole, when I can help people…But seems so, when I was a little child, I experienced strong jelaousy and enviness.

    So in the phantasies, it was really me, who reacted me in this way. When I tapped out those memories, and changed them, the phantasie pictures just vanished.


    Really, really interesting.


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