Yearly Mood Swings, dont know what to do.

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    Micah King



    Before I reveal something about myself personally, I want to explain why. I need some suggestions, some encouragement and some insight. The following I reveal to give you all some insight that would better help you to serve my needs. Make sense? 


    Ok here goes, 


    I found out, at age 14 or so, that my mother had been ritually abused in a cult setting. She found this out when we moved to another area and she had vicious memories of her abuse. She came to learn that they did forms of mental programming and that they did that to me and the way it was set up, they were done by the time I was 2 years old.


    Fast forward a number of years and watching my mother look through various therapies and learn on my own, I have found 1 practitioner that did work over the phone that would work with memories, and beliefs. I don't know what that therapy is called but just like EFT it worked fast and in a hour session I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could move on. It was great.


     In the last 4 months I have made some major changes in my life to get it back on track. I stopped eating wheat, I walk everyday, I work out at least 2 times a week, I am on a special diet and up until about a week ago, I was doing ok.


    But once again, the same thing happens to me and I dont understand why and I am wondering if you all could figure it out or give me some suggestions.


    To a degree I have a bit of depression–going from a manic state to a low state.


    While all the changes I made definitely helped and stopped my typical swing from happening in complete full destructive force, it's still happened and feels like its happening now.


    Its like this, I am trying hard, I am doing well, I am getting excited, I am making changes, I care what happens and I am really moving forward. Then at some point in the process, or in the year, I get tired, I dont care, I dont give a $$$$ , I am angrier, curse and lose not only my patience but the committment I just had days earlier.


    I don't know why this happens but it always does. I'd like it to stop happening. I have a wife and children and they count on me. And its hard to live life or make positive steps forward when I feel like I am constantly taking 2 steps back.


    I wonder if its the programming thats causing problems.


    Or my belief system or a combonation of both.


    What do you think I could do?



    Dale Adams

    Often, a traumatic memory or destuctive belief system needs to be revisited. After releasing much of the emotional charge in the phone session, you would have benifited from going back and discovering any hidden aspects that could cause a relapse. That's why Robert tests his work so much. But even so, in a lot of cases I bet clients still uncover aspects that need to be addressed. Be persistant. Remember you are not broken.

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