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  • Four days to go till I leave for Greece! People are happy for me just for the trip. A few want to know why and want me to tell them what I learned when I came back. I make note of these people as they are possibly people who will be open to being the beginning of a Eutaptics community here. I really don’t want “clients” at this point. I can s…[Read more]

  • Who read this? Why am I doing it? Is there any purpose other than I am a journaller?

  • Well, what’s new? I just tried to book the hotel for Greece ITS FULL! Yeow! Now what?! I’ve left messages at the office but what can they do?
    Teale is cutting me off because she says it’s unsafe for me to travel alone and i should have asked her what she thought first and since I didn’t, she says she’s not a priority to me so she’s not…[Read more]

  • So I’ve been on a three hour drive to a neighboring city for an MRI and did well sitting in the vehicle and sleeping with someone else in the room which were two things I was concerned about going to Greece. Of course, others have gone with way greater handicaps than I have and I keep reminding myself of that. I can do this!
    Next week I go to m…[Read more]

  • Well, I’ve registered to go to Greece and it’s caused great kafuffle in the family. G and T are livid. C’s concerned, J is encouraging as he thinks travel is where it’s at. G and T have settled down somewhat. I’ve been surrogate tapping on them. A+ was considering coming with me but couldn’t manage the expense which I was somewhat thankful fo…[Read more]

  • I like how this journal says how long ago it has been since your last “activity”…It says it’s only been a day but I guess it’s counting things done on the fb site for the HJ. Ran into a YABUT there yesterday which punched me Rt back into the reality that Eutaptics is not perfect! What did I expect? Actually I’m Looking fwd to seeing how RGS h…[Read more]

  • I am in B.C. Canada and would travel to Seattle, even Portland area for live level 1. Have just about completed home study course.

  • I forgot to say I’m working my way thru the manual making notes as my internet isn’t strong enuf to redo the vids for the level 1 course. I have the trainers permission to do them from the book.

  • So I haven’t written in 12 days. Been busy in my Happy Journal. Have been tapping every day, even recording some of the bigger issues. Been writing down my 100 happy memories and encouraging some local friends in their explorations of this program. I keep watching vids and colouring in my HJ while tapping along. I am very impatient to c…[Read more]

  • I really see the value of making notes of the teachings. My internet isn’t strong enough to run the level 1 vids again so the training team (Heather?) has given me permission to make notes of the manual. I’ve done tree sessions and am up to page 42 of the 120 Paige’s needed to be covered. I’m in no hurry. I’m finding that there’s several thi…[Read more]

  • I haven’t written here for 25 days…what is this for, anyway? Does anyone read it? Have been doing notes for my level 1, working in my Happy Journal, did 2 hrs with Robert and 2 hours with Mary…made a list of over 100 movies that make me happy…talked to several people about Eutaptics looking for tapping buds, see there is someone in K…[Read more]

  • I have a Defractionation that I haven’t seen on a vid yet: a joke of the day…I’ve been doing this for 2 days now as a memory aid and a small talk fun topic ( two things I need practise in).
    Joke one: if the Marines and the Navy were playing basketball and all the Marines fouled out, who would they send in? The submarines! My smartass son…[Read more]

  • Tomorrow I have my session with RGS! I’m tapping away all anxiety! This is going to be good no matter what! A long time ago I learned that the only way past is through! I know that! It hurts either way, so meet it head on and go for GOOD! Why wallow around in “less than”! I will practice today with Cas and Emily with the FaceTime app..…[Read more]

  • Just got back from today’s 40 km drive to the PO to see if my manual has arrived it yet. Nope. Drags. I do have paintings in the little restaurant there so was able to update their tags and straighten their hanging. Haven’t done that in a while. Got some ideas about what I’d like to paint for there and had a bowl of soup. Also when thru…[Read more]

  • Whew. The reality of an actual 2 hour session with RGS is staring to sink in. I feel anxiety about it even though I am told that whole “you have failed” note at the end of my course was not real, or applicable, I’m tapping on possible abandonment when I feel such excitement about fastereft. I had some trepidation that it was going to turn out t…[Read more]

  • Well, R has admitted that waiting this long for my course materials is unusual and has sent a second set. Yea! I will check the PO again today…
    Also, BIG nooz! I have scheduled a FaceTime session with RGS! This is terrifying and a great blessing! I start the pre-info paperwork shortly…I vascilate between anxiety and exhilaration!…[Read more]

  • Just got back from the post office. Still no manual…Ramiro says it’s cleared customs on the 12th so is in Canada! Tapping on patience…
    I am working in my Happy Journal, my 100 happy memories and watching some of the many free videos…in the mean time but I do want to say that I haven’t been as excited about something for a very lon…[Read more]

  • My daughter just shut me out in a way that would have devastated me before Eutaptics, but I accepted it and tapped away the hurt and am fine! This would have sent me into a nasty downward spiraling depression before but I am here to say that this fastereft works! What an amazing technique. I am very grateful!,

  • Are there any other West Coasters (not just Canadians) who are serious about becoming practitioners in this great technique?! I am way up in the central Cariboo district in B.C. But will travel to have a tapping bud. The best would be Rt here near Williams Lake…

  • Another rough night. Night time my unconscious rules! There’s pain, chaos, resistance, tapping but never finishing b/c I fall back asleep (more resistance), dreaming, wake up exhausted. I need help. It looks like there are no practitioners here in Canada though, not even Robert…I don’t have Skype but I do have Messenger that has a sort of…[Read more]

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