• A simple rule is that whatever you wish to experience, if you cause someone else to experience that first, you will have it in abundance.
    – Dr Robert Anthony


  • I just realized that instead of the above explained affirmation, it is even more powerful to take FasterEFT’s own belief system and say ‘I choose to know that all my problems are internally created.’. Smile

    And remember to use the defractionation processes as you are tapping. These are explained and shared in several posts in this forum. Smile

    Another…[Read more]

  • Hi again,

    I realized today, through a video posted on Youtube by Brian Tracy titled Attitude of Gratitude, that just by saying ‘Thank you’ to yourself over and over again throughout your day, will generate and create the same state, thus the same effects that writing down the list explained above does. Smile

    Because each time that you do this,…[Read more]

  • Hi there, when I tap, an effective way that works for me is to ask how do i know I have this problem?’ and then specify to myself what TYPE of feeling it is that I am feeling, it may be a burning, a sharpness, a tightness or a heavy feeling etc. I tell myself what it is and then I ask ‘Can I feel it?’ followed by tapping, saying ‘I let go of this…[Read more]

  • I noticed that when you mentally go back to a memory or problem, and you check if it is a good or bad feeling, then IDENTIFY what type of bad feeling it is, before you tap, you will get great results.

    There are three processes I’d like to share:

    1. Sometimes you will have to break the feeling down, and so you ask the location of the feeling,…[Read more]