• HiSmile

    I don’t know if it is normal but i gave up on tapping a month ago cause i felt that all the tapping didn’t work at all for me…Cry I feel like i’m losing my energy and time on something that does not seem to work for me! ( I even tapped on that… ) I felt like the only thing i was getting was becoming more and more angry at myself, at life…[Read more]

  • Completelyhealed and Charliwest thank you soooo much for your replies!!

    Charliwest, omg you were right on when you wrote : ” my programming is super strong, and when I take steps to move forward in my life it will go to any lengths to stop me” that is how i feel too!!!!!!!! If you have any other tips feel free to post it Wink you helped me alot…[Read more]

  • Hello again!Kiss

    I have a new question, since my main problem seems to be that i lack a feeling of security inside myself, i feel it in my body. My body hurts everywhere (been years) and i feel like it is trying to protect me from EVERYTHING by being at war with my conscious, i don’t know how to explain. I’ve tried to tap it out but i feel like i’m…[Read more]