Ken Breen

  • Hi Carla:

      What happens is, when we think about what we don't want, our subconscious mind sees this, doesn't judge it, and acts to give it to us.

       The subconscious mind is like an oven, an oven doesn't know if you put a meatloaf in it, or a shoe, it doesn't judge, but what you put in there is what you will get. If you put in “I don't ha…[Read more]

  • Hi Carla:

      As Robert always says, anything before now doesn't exist, so I don't think that you have to go into your past to try to feel anything. It's not there, it's no where.

    Events in life have no meaning, you supply the meaning. One nations terrorist is another nations hero, so it's all interpretation. It's really not important what…[Read more]