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    Also, have you ever been part of group productivity or ever had an accountability partner?



    Do you see what you are doing here?
    You are asking for feedback and then refusing it, inviting people to “think well before giving you advice.”
    A sort of “Come here” / “Go away”.
    I imagine that there is a level of discouragement and tiredness in constantly running against your same issues and the same advice and not have the situation change.

    My proposal still stands:

    If you want to do work together, I think I can help you.
    It may be more of an organizational/priorities/scheduling affair than an energetic one, although of course, it sounds like there is a level of resistance that arises as you sit down to work on your dream.
    I wonder also if you are running a story about yourself (and I’m curious if you are going to get triggered or deflect my invitaiton here) that goes something like: “no one can help me, and I will prove it.”.
    Then you look for confirmation of how either other modalities or other practitioners aren’t adequate or how you are not adequate in your own life to get where you want to go.

    I hear a lot of passion for music and creativity and beauty in your writing.
    It sounds like the goals of becoming a dj bringing something new to the world would be potent and beautiful to achieve.
    which country are you in?



    Here is a potential option as I tried to understand my own lack of willpower for years.
    Things shifted for me about a year ago.
    If this is not clear enough, I am willing to have a call with you and help you get clarity, I know how fkin painful it can feel.

    First thing, I would have you get clear on your Goals. Yes, you’ve heard this 1,000 times. But I’d like to hear them (of course in a private format). Not lofty goals. I want to hear that which makes your soul brun at night, that which keeps you up staring at the ceiling because you cannot sleep and stop the thundering in your heart. I want to hear what makes you blood burn with passion. What brings tears to your eyes.

    Then We’d focus on your Values. What do you Value the most? What are you top 7 Values.
    According to Demartini, every person has a defined set of values (once again, I’m sure you’ve heard it already having done all that work in years prior – yet, hear me out). We adjust our life and live in accordance to our values. Even when we check out, procrastinate, masturbate, addict, our Values (or lack of clarity) are bringing us to that.

    Then, once we are really clear on your top Values and how you’ve arranged you life in accordance to these, we’d look at how you Goals are linked to your Values.
    Demartini says there are 3 reasons for Procrastination/ Lack of willpower.

    1) Not clarity on goals/what you want/your vision
    2) not clarity on your Values (and what you value the most)
    3) you haven’t LINKED your Values with your Goals. (your values will always win. So you say you want to work out but you find yourself on facebook, you are choosing somethin over another. )

    Ultimately I’d want to feel you in your body, and how that lands in your feet, arms, chest. This work can get very mind-oriented and I’d want to know where you feel power and energy in your body. It may be more about letting the Desire to reach for something Arise in your body, than Pushing through with willpower.



    Yes, we’d be working with F-EFT.
    I don’t advertise that yet, I am in the process of adding and rebranding my website.



    Yep, great, those are some of my area of focus, like shown in my website: http://fabiofina.com/programs/wtf-am-i-doing-with-my-life/

    Let me know if you’d like to work together, shoot me an email and well find a time.
    Looking forward to connecting



    I am willing to work on you, I like a challenge and can sharpen my skills.
    can u give me a sense for what sort of issues are you wanting worked?



    Hi if there is still space I’d be interested too



    Hi WS,
    Yes that works for me. I am not certified yet, but sharpening the tool kit.
    Can you send me an email at greenfabiofina@gmail.com so we can figure out a time to skype?
    Are you in America?



    Hey Ursula,
    I am writing from Italy, we should have a similar time frame, would you want to practice together?



    Hey snowbound,
    I seem to hear from you that you’d like to practice with another.
    I’d be willing to practice with you, where are you writing from?
    Let’s set up a meeting time!



    Hi, I am writing from Southern Italy and since I am also looking for a practicing buddy and we have similar time zones, would you like to partner up to do some sessions?

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