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Weight Loss MP3 Set  $29.99 

Lose Weight By Changing Your Mind and Reprogramming Your Brain. This audio seminar is divided into 6 easy-to-listen – a total of 10 hours of training (value $169.00) including FasterEFT Methods and Modalities from our EUTAPTICS system. This presentation by Robert Smith addresses the real cause of weight gain – it’s not the food, it’s the mind and if you change the mind the pounds will drop away.


Be Slimmer Stay Slim $249  

Be Slimmer Stay Slim is our advanced weight loss workshop. It contains almost 25 hours of weight-loss specific video training presented by Robert Smith to help you Be Slimmer and Stay Slim. You will learn how to use the EUTAPTICS system’s FasterEFT tapping style to break the emotional connections with food that cause over-eating, comfort-eating and food addictions.


Tap Away Cravings $169

The Lose Weight by Changing Your Mind is a DVD box set with almost 12 hours (6 DVDs) of training to help you lose weight. It is presented by Robert Smith with FasterEFT tapping demonstrations that show you the real reason why people are over-weight and how to use the EUTAPTICS system to take control of your body and your life. This is a one-of-a-kind Weight Loss Program that actually works!

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