Private Sessions Retreat with Robert

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Private Sessions Retreat with Robert


Product Description

Jump start your new life with a 3-day Private Session Retreat with Robert G. Smith! You will be a guest at Robert’s home while getting 10+ hours of private session time with him.  This retreat allows you to really get to the good stuff and delve in with the founder of FasterEFT.  His skills as a practitioner are phenomenal and proven.  This opportunity is created so he’ll help you to break through your blocks and achieve the changes you want to make.  With an extensive session retreat you will embark on a journey to better your life and those around you.

The Benefits of a Private Session Retreat

  • 10+ hours plus of one-on-one tapping with Robert
  • Several Hours of Mentoring
  • Being out of your environment.
  • You’ll have time to yourself to rest, practice tapping on yourself or have the opportunity to explore some very interesting places Oklahoma City has to offer.
  • You will go home as a better version of yourself.
  • Robert will give you some tips and tools for you to be able to continue your journey by yourself.

Personal Investment

You will receive five two hour sessions with Robert and private coaching.
However, the total cost for this Private session retreat will be $ 9,700, you can stay at a local hotel or stay at Robert’s home for free which has many rooms in his large home.