Ultimate Healing From Your Pain (9 DVDs)

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Ultimate Healing From Your Pain (9 DVDs)


The “Ultimate Healing From Your Pain” is a DVD box-set containing more than 14 hours of training (9 DVDs) that shows you how to use the FasterEFT tapping style to heal the body of physical pain. You will learn how to heal the body by addressing the cause of all problems. You will learn the FasterEFT belief system and the structure of pain and dis-ease. You will witness the amazing transformational power of FasterEFT as Robert Smith taps on people live and helps them release their pain.

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Product Description

You get 9 DVD’s (approximately 14 hours of training) to help you heal pain. You get 4 DVDs from the “You Can Heal Your Body Seminar Set” plus five DVDs of “Tapping Only” where you can tap along with Robert for amazing borrowed healing benefits. You also receive the amazing “Heal Your Body Book” by Louise Hay.

You Can Heal Your Body I
 – What is stress/pain
– Cook in the kitchen
– Insiders understanding

You Can Heal Your Body II
 – Food addictions
– The meridians
– Fibromyalgia
– The structure
– Positive states

You Can Heal Your Body III
  – Headache
– Depression
– Getting off drugs
– Only one escape
– Trainers overview

You Can Heal Your Body IV
– Own it, change it
– How to send love
– Body rejection
– Love your body
– Happy journalHealing Pain I
 – Structure of Pain
– Shoulder and Neck Pain
– Headache and Trauma
– Tension Headache
– Back Pain
– Painful Headache
– FibromyalgiaHealing Pain II
Headache and IBS
Neck Pain
Car Wreck
Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Pain

Healing Pain III
Swollen Leg
Anger and Knee Pain

Healing Pain IV
Back Pain
Lungs and Grief
Emotional Leg Pain
Car Wreck

Healing Pain V
Structure of Pain
Neck Pain
25 Years of Pain
Thumb Pain
Heal Spurs


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