FasterEFT – The Ultimate Learning Kit

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FasterEFT – The Ultimate Learning Kit


The “Ultimate Learning Kit” is a DVD kit with over 100 hours of instruction and insight into the FasterEFT-style tapping style. This kit contains 94 DVDs (over 100 hours of comprehensive training), 2 Audio CDs,  three books and more (see below for more details) – delivered to your door anywhere in the world. This kit will give you the information, tools and structure you need to make profound changes for yourself, your family and friends.

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Product Description

Why Choose The Ultimate Learning Kit

If you are one of those whose life is full, busy and have responsibilities but want to deeply understand the FasterEFT Healing System , then the Ultimate Learning Kit is perfect for you. You can watch the DVD’s in the comfort of your own home and in your time.

This course will help you start making changes for yourself and your family.

What Do You Get?

The Ultimate Learning Kit contains 94 DVDs (over 100 hours of comprehensive training), 2 Audio CDs, 1 DATA DVD with MP3s, 3 course manuals , three books, and a pack of tapping instruction cards (see below for more details) – all delivered to your door, anywhere in the world.

The DVD’s are beautifully presented in a huge vinyl DVD case. The kit is amazing (see below). It covers so much in-depth material in so many fields. It gives you the complete understanding of why people have problems and the structure to make the changes. You will refer to these DVDs time and time again as you improve your understanding. All the treaching is done by the creator of FasterEFT, Robert Smith.


  • Mind of the Healer Disc 1
  • Mind of the Healer Disc 2
  • Mind of the Healer Disc 3
  • Mind of the Healer Disc 4
  • Mind of the Healer Disc 5
  • Mind of the Healer Disc 6
  • Level I Material Disc 1
  • Level I Material Disc 2
  • Level I Material Disc 3
  • Level I Material Disc 4
  • Level I Material Disc 5
  • Level I Material Disc 6
  • Level II Material Disc 1
  • Level II Material Disc 2
  • Level II Material Disc 3
  • Level II Material Disc 4
  • Level II Material Disc 5
  • Level II Material Disc 6
  • Level III Material Disc 1
  • Level III Material Disc 2
  • Level III Material Disc 3
  • Level III Material Disc 4
  • Level III Material Disc 5
  • Level III Material Disc 6
  • You Can Heal Your Body Disc 1
  • You Can Heal Your Body Disc 2
  • You Can Heal Your Body Disc 3
  • You Can Heal Your Body Disc 4
  • You Can Heal Your Body – Why You Have Pain
  • Recover From Grief and Loss Disc 1
  • Recover From Grief and Loss Disc 2
  • Recover From Grief and Loss Disc 3
  • Recover From Grief and Loss Disc 4
  • Weight Loss Disc 1
  • Weight Loss Disc 2
  • Weight Loss Disc 3
  • Weight Loss Disc 4
  • Weight Loss Disc 5
  • Weight Loss Disc 6
  • Weight Loss Disc 7
  • Weight Loss Disc 8
  • Weight Loss Disc 9
  • Weight Loss Disc 10
  • Weight Loss Disc 11
  • Weight Loss Disc 12
  • Relationship Cure Seminar Disc 1
  • Relationship Cure Seminar Disc 2
  • Relationship Cure Seminar Disc 3
  • Relationship Cure Seminar Disc 4
  • Food Addictions and Weight Loss
  • Getting Better, Feeling Better, Staying Better!
  • Spiritual Solutions to Everyday Problems
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!
  • The Art of Freedom
  • Ultimate Forgiveness
  • Seven Steps to healing Your Body and Life
  • How to Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons!
  • The Secret to Healing the Body
  • Making Friends with the Saboteur Within ** Most Talked about ***
  • Seven Steps to Happiness
  • Why You Do What You Hate
  • It’s More Powerful than Will Power
  • Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships
  • Live, Love, Laugh Again
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Grief Recover: Action System For Healing
  • You Can Heal Your Body
  • Start Living, Stop Self-Defeating
  • Know the Dynamic Power Within You
  • Weight Loss: Make It Work For You
  • The Gift of Change
  • Conquer Emotional Over Eating
  • Getting Serious with The Law of Attraction
  • 67 Hours of Mp3′s – 5 full seminars, 19 Titled Seminars & Interview
  • Gary Williams Interviews – Robert G. Smith – EFT World Magazine
  • Creative Abundance: Keys to Spiritual and Material Prosperity.
  • Robert G. Smith’s First Public Presentation – Embarrassing for your Entertainment Only (2001)
  • Stop Smoking FasterEFT Style with Robert Smith
  • And 19 more bonus DVD’s!


  • Weight Loss Manual by Robert Smith
  • Relationships Manual by Robert Smith
  • The User’s Manual For The Brain by B.G.Bodenhamer and L.M.Hall
  • Monsters and Magical Sticks – There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis by S.Heller, T.L.Steele, & R.A.Wilson
  • Heal Your Body by Louise Hay

Please Note – The FasterEFT system is continuously changing and evolving. Skills to Change Institute is no longer offering practitioner certification through this course.  The products listed above may change without notice.



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