How to Get the Life You Want

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How to Get the Life You Want


When you are totally new to FasterEFT, This online video product is for you!


You will get:

  • A talk in Australia where Robert explains how the mind works and how we can make changes within. ( 60 min. )
  • 1st Session Demonstration: Robert gives a session to a woman who wants to be able to live her life without waiting for the next diagnosis of Leukemia.
  • 2th Session Demonstration: A man who suffers from Nightmares
  • 3rd Session Demonstration: I am afraid of picking a partner with an addiction again

# Bonus video: 7 Steps to healing your body and your life (93  min.)


Product Description

Believe it or not, you DO have the ability to fully control your own mind; it’s just a case of learning how to do so. This may seem  impossible, but when you start learning how your mind works you will understand it really is possible. If you feel like your mind has a mind of its own, we’re here to tell you that it really doesn’t.