Practitioner Assistant Program – Training

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Practitioner Assistant Program – Training



Product Description

This program is for all Upper Level Practitioners who would like to be an assistant and provide sessions at a Training seminar.



To implement an organizational system for approved assistants at the training seminars. The aim is to run operations smoothly and efficiently, with a high degree of integrity and provide clear expectations for Upper Level Practitioners attending the events.


  • To provide sessions, you must be a current FEFT and/or Eutaptics Level 4 or 5 practitioner.
  • Certified Level 3 practitioners who have attended the Level 4 training may apply to be Assistants.

Please ensure that you have contacted the office at training@fastereft.com to receive the Assistant Program application before paying.  Once approved, you can purchase your discounted registration.


What you get:


  • It is advertised on every event page and follow-up email that we will have highly skilled Upper Level Practitioners at these events to provide sessions for an additional fee.
  • You are able to provide flyers, cards and other promotional material for your personal business at the event.
  • A special announcement will be made during the event to highlight the practitioners present who we have approved to provide sessions and support for this event.


  • In addition to the support, promotion and endorsement from Skills to Change, you will also be able to attend these events to learn and grow in your own practice, update certifications and/or gain Eutaptics certification requirements.
  • You will be part of a wonderful team and gain skills that will undoubtedly help you run your own seminars and events in a better way.