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Laura Worley


Abuse, Addictions, Depression, Emotional guide, Empowerment, Fears and Phobias, PTSD, Relationships, Spirituality, Trauma, Stress Release

Practitioner Bio: Laura Worley specializes in helping people with complex trauma as a coach.  She trains professionals on how to help their clients with complex trauma, abuse, addictions and areas where there is not much help.   Laura is the creator of  Worldwide Transformational Summit. FasterEFT changed her life in magnificent ways; she now is helping people around the world overcome the trauma of the past.  She knows that when you change your subconscious mind from a place of fear and being stuck, hopefulness and possibilities return. Laura helps clients find their power and help to elevate them to a place of awareness of who they truly are. Laura made a decision to start to bring awareness to helping people in the area of what she calls the "abuse people don't want to deal with."  With so many people coming in and saying no one knows how to help me; it is now Laura's mission to go to those areas of trauma and abuse that most practitioners don't want to go or do not have the skills to go.   When a person has so much pain that has covered them up it seems impossible to believe there is anything else but that.  The great news you can let go of whatever has happened. Working together; Laura can help you release the heartbreak of the past. If you are ready to find a new found freedom in just being you; then take a deep breath and make the call to get help. Laura does personal sessions on Skype or in Las Vegas, and 3 to 10-day intensives anywhere in the world creating a safe space to go to the places inside you that you cannot go alone!  Intensives are for those who have so much to address they want to get a big jump start.  We work together 6 hours a day to clear a lot of past pain. Look for upcoming seminars and webinars on Releasing Trauma. Free 30 Minute Consultation 702-419-3927
Skype ID: laura.worley5
Private Sessions: Both in Person and Online
Available Countries: United States (US)
Languages Offered: English