Practitioner: Nicola

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Affirmations, Depression, Emotional guide, Empowerment, Fears and Phobias, Grief and Loss, Rejections, Relationships, Weight Loss, Stress Release

Practitioner Bio: I help you design behaviors that support your dreams and goals while supporting you in releasing the negative patterns and painful events that blocked you until now. During a FasterEFT session we work together to create tangible shifts so you can feel worthy, good enough, and deserving of the life you want. And I teach simple ways to add tapping to your life consistently so you can keep your changes. You’ll also learn the skills you need to consistently address the stress and emotions that is a normal part of life. Learning is something that inspires me. I also have certifications in Hypnotherapy, Modern Energy Tapping, Tiny Habits® Coaching, and Jack Canfield’s Success Principles.
Skype ID: fasterchanges
Private Sessions: Online
Available Countries: Canada, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US)
Languages Offered: English