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Abuse, Addictions, Abandonment, Affirmations, Depression, Fears and Phobias, Grief and Loss, Pain, PTSD, Rejections, Relationships, Weight Loss, Stress Release

Practitioner Bio: I am passionate.
I strongly believe we are all capable of changing what we don’t want into something we do want. You know that person who takes a piece of junk and makes a ton selling a rare antique? They changed the meaning of the junk. That’s what I do, in a nutshell.
How did I get this crazy notion? Persistence. Reading anything I could get my eyes on. Practicing techniques on myself and others until I had tangible results.
You see I want it all. The best health, fitness, peace of mind and joy life has to offer. I won’t settle for less. And I won’t settle for less for my clients either.
Life is not about the events that happen. It’s not about who cut you off this morning in traffic. What your significant other did or didn’t tell you. The unexpected bill that shows up in the mail. It is about the meanings we give to them. Does it mean you’re a victim, “Why does this always happen to me?” Does it mean you’re self-aware and can make a better choice, “Wow, I don’t have to react like I used to, I am in control now.” That’s power. The best part is you get to make that choice, no one can take that from you.
How do I get myself and others from “Oh no not again!” to “I got this!”? With a combination of skills and techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming and meridian tapping. You don’t even need to know what they are to embrace the benefits.
Skype ID: fasterchanges
Private Sessions: Both in Person and Online
Available Countries: Canada, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US)
Languages Offered: English