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Gail Jefferson


Addictions, Abandonment, Emotional guide, Empowerment, Fears and Phobias, Grief and Loss, Pain, Rejections, Relationships, Stress Release

Practitioner Bio: Gail Jefferson lives in Felton, a small village in Northumberland, North of England UK. Gail is a self employed Holistic Therapist with 20 years experience as a Reiki Practitioner and Aromatherapist. She also has many years experience in Health and Social care, working in daycare and residential settings for adults with physical/learning disabilities and mental health issues.  Gail is passionate about self empowerment and has used meditation and many other modalities to manage the day to day stresses of daily life but has found FasterEFT to be the fastest, most effective way to reduce stress, let go of limiting beliefs, and improve health and well being. In 2013 she discovered FasterEFT on Youtube and used it to get through a stressful time of change in career and personal circumstances. She found it so empowering she decided to train to become a practitioner. Now a Level 4 Practitioner (Skills to Change Institute Practitioner number FEFT-B-843) she offers sessions both in person and over Skype. She has worked with others from many parts of the world, exchanging sessions with other practitioners and working with clients to empower them to heal from grief and loss, improve relationships, break free from fears and phobias, let go of limiting beliefs/ debilitating emotions and take responsibility for their well being. Gail has also trained in the Addiction Protocol and joined Robert and his team at Habilitat in January 2017
Email: gailmjefferson@gmail.com
Skype ID: Gailjefferson.fastereft
Private Sessions: Both in Person and Online
Available Countries: United Kingdom (UK)
Languages Offered: English