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Addictions, Depression, Empowerment, Fears and Phobias, Grief and Loss, Pain, PTSD, Relationships, Trauma, Stress Release

Practitioner Bio: Find Me on YouTube Right Here Looking for quick relief, to feel better, be better, to move beyond, get better results, and automatically avoid the same mistakes and mind traps, break the patterns and to turn things around fast? You are in the right place. Hi, my name is Dave Ryder. I don't know you personally, but I do know something about you. I know you want to make a bigger difference. I know you want to live a meaningful and abundant life. I also know you've had some challenges and are looking for someone who might be able to help. May I tell you a little bit about why I'm here and why you might want to work with me? It became my purpose early on in life to find a better way to resolve physical and emotional pain issues as the result of an accident I had years ago.  Faster EFT and Robert Smith helped me start to put the pieces back together, and that's why I'm here today. I have a fulfilling life with my wife, Kim, in Oregon, running a successful wellness clinic,  an online business doing workshops, retreats, online courses and webinars, and professional speaking. But, nearest and dearest to my heart is helping individuals struggling in life to find a better way. Teaching, guiding, and helping is what I'm meant to do. It's my purpose. I do sessions with beautiful people that know they can heal and have been looking for the right guide. We breakthrough old memories, limiting beliefs, and conditioned mindsets. Tapping into a new state of mind, getting on the right track, and setting a new exciting course for their lives. Recent testimonial: "Dave completely cured the anxiety and depression I had experienced, completely. I used to have crippling anxiety for taking tests, flying, and general worry about everything, paired with a sinking feeling of nothing being worth it... and he totally changed my life. I NEVER feel anxious or depressed anymore... and I worked with Dave over four years ago! He is wonderful, intelligent, and an incredible life-changer - thank you D for giving me freedom and making my life better." (She is now a TEDx speaker, successful author, and thriving entrepreneur.) I believe the most important part is not what you did or what happened in the past, but what you do with it now matters the most. What you do now will create the reality and future you want tomorrow. I believe the brain reorganizes and rewires itself based on the new input we give it in sessions. So, if you want to change your life, you must change how your brain is wired. The good news is, by doing sessions, I can absolutely help you rewire your brain and change how you think. You can go beyond your problems and self-imagined inadequacies of the past and create the new, more amazing person that you'd like to be. I believe that we all have the potential to live extraordinary lives. I believe in finding a better way and finding the understanding that makes sense. If you'd like to work with me please feel free to message or contact me with the link below or call (503) 862-9107. Click Here to Get a FREE Discovery Consultation
Email: info@totalintegratedtherapy.com
Skype ID: totalintegratedtherapy
Private Sessions: Both in Person and Online
Available Countries: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US)
Languages Offered: English