Practitioner: Helen M.

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Helen M.


Abuse, Addictions, Depression, Empowerment, Fears and Phobias, Grief and Loss, Spirituality, Stress Release

Practitioner Bio: FasterEFT came into my life in January 2010 and literally changed it! I was an Advanced Practitioner of traditional EFT until FasterEFT gave me the missing piece of the healing puzzle. In May 2013 I was presented with my FasterEFT Advanced Practitioner certificate Level lV by Robert.   I absolutely love working with clients using FasterEFT. From having panic attacks and anxiety to volunteering at Habilitat (a drug and alcohol rehab facility) in Hawai’i for the last 3 summers where FasterEFT is producing great results, my life has changed so much with FasterEFT. The rapid changes that can occur are truly miraculous at times!   I was the “Anxiety Queen”, looking for love in all the wrong places and now I can be free in any given moment. My specialty is anxiety as well as addictions and helping people feel better about themselves.   I offer sessions all over the world, packages, monthly mentoring of practitioners in Preston, business coaching (having been in business since 1996) and also online Q & A calls on Zoom for FasterEFT practitioners. I work with people all over the world. Send me an email today! helen.oconnor@optusnet.com.au
Email: helen.oconnor@optusnet.com.au
Private Sessions: Both in Person and Online
Available Countries: Australia, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, United Kingdom (UK), United States (US)
Languages Offered: English